Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer?

Under US law, there are a variety of reasons why a person can be deported, such as a criminal past, a violation of work permit or immigration law, or overstaying their visa. These reasons, among others, may signal the need for an immigration lawyer.

Immigration lawyers specialize in finding ways to keep their clients from being deported. Cancelling a deportation order, obtaining political asylum, changing residency status, achieving amnesty or changing marital status are tasks that immigration lawyers handle every day, and all can be used to keep an immigrant in the country.

The lawyer will file an appeal within the timeframe set forth by US law. Before the appeal, there is a three-month period where the immigrant can file a motion to reopen their case, where evidence not shown at the initial hearing is presented. For instance, an immigration lawyer can show that their client has married a US citizen and that the marriage is legitimate.

Moreover, if the immigrant cannot appear in court due to illness or other reason, the immigration lawyer can act on their behalf, or appeal or reschedule hearings. While appeals are ongoing, the immigrant can stay in their home as long as they’ve not been charged with overstaying their visa. If the appeal is denied, the lawyer will tell their client whether they can re-appeal.

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