Immigration through a family member

Better known as family reunification, immigrating through a family member is a complex process. Most nations have laws that put limits on immigration, so family members that want to join their relatives must meet certain qualifications. These criteria allow the US and other countries to manage immigration rates while still allowing families to reunite and build their lives.

Laws on family reunification vary from one country to another, and they are usually based on conditions within the country. Some will more easily allow close relatives to immigrate, while more distant relations will find the process more difficult. For instance, in the US, when a minor child or spouse of an immigrant wants to join them, the process is straightforward unless there are criminal or other issues.

Some asylum cases also serve to reunite families. In certain instances, parents send their children ahead to the new country, letting the child become established there. Then the parents apply for entry, also seeking asylum. Since they already have first-degree relatives there, immigration is a simple process. In some countries, both spouses must be over a certain age, and in other places, the type of relative is more strictly defined.

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