Immigration Through Investment

The immigration investment program refers to the EB-5 immigration visa. Those that apply for it can obtain permanent resident status as long as they can invest a minimum of one million dollars and create ten new jobs. Once a person gets the visa, they are allowed to live and work in the country forever. The USCIS gives the visa if the applicant’s I-526 form is approved. Up to ten thousand of these visas are offered each year to qualified immigrants.

Those seeking an investment visa are sometimes called “alien investors”. Their use of the immigration investment program is seen as a benefit to the US, due to the new jobs they create. The EB-5 visa is different from other visas because it is given based on special attributes. The applicant must demonstrate an ability to create the capital and jobs necessary in a qualified area.

EB-5 visas are also given if an investor creates jobs in a certain geographical area. In these cases, the investor has to work with a regional center, which is approved by the USCIS to facilitate job creation and growth. The investor must prove that their efforts will bring about new jobs and increased exports. The one million dollar threshold can be lowered if the investor is interested in a rural area.

When an investment visa is granted by the USCIS, the investor will get a visa number. If their petition is denied, no number is given and the immigrant gets a denial letter which states the reasons for denial. Afterward, the applicant can appeal the denial in the appropriate jurisdiction.

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